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Welcome to sjadventures.co.uk, the travel blog of a 20-something year old Londoner exploring the world one adventure at a time. I too often find myself in the most random situations and I have a terrible memory so I jot it all down here so you can laugh at me with me.

Take a gander at my instagram @sjadventures.co.uk for weekly snapshots of stuff (mainly food and being out and about)

SJ xx

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 Everything you see on this site is mine, whether it’s images, videos or words (for better or for worse!)


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Waking up at 7am in island paradise is not easy but it was time to leave and head for mainland. After brekky (huevos a la mexicana) we took the ferry back over to Puerto Juarez in Cancun. From the port we hailed a cab to the central bus station (around 10 mins away) where we … Continue reading Tulum

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