Little Jaunt to Gran Canaria: Day 1

4am and the alarm clock goes off. Awful. Prepared for trip last night by drinking copious amounts of red wine with the boyf before remembering nearly too-late that I hadn’t located my passport.

Since moving to new digs in SW London, both Gatwick and Heathrow are easy to get to. The new travel possibilities are endless (well exact same as before but now there’s more choice, hoorah!)

Quick-ish, relatively pain free train to Gatwick followed by smooth-ish security (they nearly confiscated my hard boiled eggs: hands off) and it was Easy Jet here I come!

Clearly the only solo traveler on the aeroplane (not for the first time) so to get through the 4hour 10 min flight I decided to live vicariously through the hen and stag dos in the rows in front of me. 2 hours in and the aeroplane had run out of cider, good work for 10am. YOLO! (Note: not consumed by me, probably the man dressed as Honey G)

Ahhh Gran Canaria, never been and needed some Vit D (it’s all the rage to solve health problems these days) so seemed a no brainer for a quick March getaway.

The plan is to do yoga every morning, horse riding, running, cycling, exploring and generally being active. Wait hang on, this sounds familiar. This is exactly what I wanted to do in Greece a few years ago, and what I didn’t end up doing (see Greece blog). I’m like a big solar panel whose juices are running out, ready to recharge.

Upon landing it’s freaking cloudy and people on the tarmac are wearing long sleeves. Bet it’s sunny in London. Damn. Only day 1 sit tight! *secretly prays to sun god* Were 2 bikinis too many?

Right, enough of this. No taxi for me, I need a bus.

So I’ve learned 2 things today. 1 – I did not bring enough sun cream 2 – people do things topless here.

The first one is easily fixed, the second is just no.

After a comfortable 1 hour bus journey from the airport, I arrived at Puerto de Mogán, a little settlement in between the sea and rocky mountains on the south western side of the island. Happy days.

In my usual style, I’m staying at a hostel and it’s fab. Volver Hostel is (of course) up loadsa steps from the beach so it’s a hell of a work out with a suitcase (it’s like Rio all over again, see Rio blog).

Within an hour I was set up in my bottom bunk in a 6 bed female dorm, had bought food and supplies and was on the beach worshiping my god ☀️

Gran Canaria is lush. It’s really touristy as you would imagine but it’s also surprisingly hippy. After tanning on the beach for a few hours in 20+ degree heat I went back to the hostel to change into my running gear.

Apparently the thing to do round these parts is watch the sunset by the cliffs, so around 7pm peeps from the hostel hit up the usual spot.

Sunset was amazing, completely hippy-fied by the presence of, well, lots of hippies, an electric guitar, drums and a harmonica that provided an instrumental back drop to the setting sun. Perfect.

After sunset, the town becomes fairly quiet – there’s not a lot going on here at all which is fab. I attempted to run around the town, which took all of 20 mins and the beach is so small it’s just not worth it. Fitness done, I spent the evening in the hospital with a bottle of wine with a Russian guy, German girl and Swiss dude.



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