Why I decided to quit my job and go travelling

Since my first backpacking trip to Japan at the age of 18, I've wanted to travel. Travel a lot, travel everywhere and meet everyone. I went to university, I studied abroad in the US - I thought this would supress my desire, but it exacerbated it. I finished uni and I went straight into work, … Continue reading Why I decided to quit my job and go travelling


Israel Intro

Where do I begin? What an amazing place. Honestly, incredible. A 7 day trip to Israel is far too short so I'll defs be going back. Public transport is (mostly) a breeze, people are really nice, the food is amazing and it's hot and sunny - not to mention the rich mix of culture, religion, … Continue reading Israel Intro

Chichen Itza

Whilst in Tulum we booked a tour to Chichen Itza, probably the most famous set of ruins on the Yacutan peninsula (we've all seen pictures on Instagram!). There are many tour touts working in Tulum, but to book the tour we used a company called iTour who I found via TripAdvisor. On their website there … Continue reading Chichen Itza


Waking up at 7am in island paradise is not easy but it was time to leave and head for mainland. After brekky (huevos a la mexicana) we took the ferry back over to Puerto Juarez in Cancun. From the port we hailed a cab to the central bus station (around 10 mins away) where we … Continue reading Tulum

Mexico: Isla Mujeres

Before we went away it was raining serious cats and dogs in crappy London. I felt bad leaving you all there. Nawwwt. Muahahaha. Hellooooooo hot and sunny Mexico!!! I should also explain that my boyfriend is with me on this trip. That's right- this is not a solo trip. I repeat, this is not a … Continue reading Mexico: Isla Mujeres

Horsing Around: Day 2

Day 2 was an early start, 9am pick up to go..... horse riding!! I'd booked this a few weeks ago via Facebook messenger (I mean technology these days is awesome) after reading positive reviews on trip advisor. I was the first to be picked up, with a further 3 people joining along the way, one … Continue reading Horsing Around: Day 2

Little Jaunt to Gran Canaria: Day 1

4am and the alarm clock goes off. Awful. Prepared for trip last night by drinking copious amounts of red wine with the boyf before remembering nearly too-late that I hadn't located my passport. Since moving to new digs in SW London, both Gatwick and Heathrow are easy to get to. The new travel possibilities are … Continue reading Little Jaunt to Gran Canaria: Day 1

Ilha Grande

So if you're coming to Rio state, Ilha Grande has defs got to be on your list. Using a transfer company called Green Toad, for a mere 4 hour trip you can take a van and boat from Rio to Ilha Grande, and the two places couldn't be more different.ย Ilha Grande is this small (by … Continue reading Ilha Grande

Rio (part 1)

So everything that could go wrong with my connecting flight situation from London to Rio did, but somehow I made it. The flight was 3.5 hours late leaving London, so I got into Miami an hour after my Rio flight "left". Switching on my mobile I received the most wonderful automated voicemail saying my flight … Continue reading Rio (part 1)

Prelude: The Olympics

So I should explain that I'm going to Rio to volunteer in the Olympic Games. Yeah mannnn! Having volunteered as a dancer in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, I decided to keep an eye out to see if the Rio games wanted to recruit international volunteers, (which to my good fortune they did!) After completing … Continue reading Prelude: The Olympics