Ilha Grande

So if you're coming to Rio state, Ilha Grande has defs got to be on your list. Using a transfer company called Green Toad, for a mere 4 hour trip you can take a van and boat from Rio to Ilha Grande, and the two places couldn't be more different.ย Ilha Grande is this small (by … Continue reading Ilha Grande


Rio (part 1)

So everything that could go wrong with my connecting flight situation from London to Rio did, but somehow I made it. The flight was 3.5 hours late leaving London, so I got into Miami an hour after my Rio flight "left". Switching on my mobile I received the most wonderful automated voicemail saying my flight … Continue reading Rio (part 1)

Prelude: The Olympics

So I should explain that I'm going to Rio to volunteer in the Olympic Games. Yeah mannnn! Having volunteered as a dancer in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, I decided to keep an eye out to see if the Rio games wanted to recruit international volunteers, (which to my good fortune they did!) After completing … Continue reading Prelude: The Olympics