Delhi (again)

We were back in Delhi for a day of rest and relaxation before heading back to London via Moscow. Staying in a super swanky 5 star hotel (I didn't book it - can you tell?) on the 16th floor, I made full use of the infinity pool, sun deck, steam room and gym (okay so … Continue reading Delhi (again)



We had two connecting flights between Udaipur and Varanasi via Delhi. We flew with Jet airways (the first plane had propellers?!) who were really good, def would recommend them. We were fed on both flights so by the time we got to Varanasi we were well and truly stuffed (me? stuffed?) which turned out to … Continue reading Varanasi


Okay so if we thought the roads had been bad to this point, things were about to get a whole lot worse. The first leg was through a mountainous region where we were literally flying by the seat of our pants - our driver (who is undoubtably a professional) overtaking and driving at ridiculous speeds … Continue reading Udaipur


We were picked up by our new driver at 8.30am (unfortunately he wasn't as cool as Govind) and started the 3 hour drive to Pushkar which started fine (proper roads and everything!) But then it all got a little bit mental, winding lanes with little concrete or Tarmac on them and more "speed bumps" than you could … Continue reading Pushkar


Having left Ranthamboreย at 6pm, after yet another hairy ride in the car (in the dark) and a pit stop at a motorway service station for sandwiches (sometimes you need a break from curry!) we arrived in the chaos of Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan aka The Pink City. I'd booked Hotel Pearl Palace, which looked unassuming … Continue reading Jaipur

Ranthambore (Part 2)

So just after I pressed the 'post' button on my last blog entry we had a 20 minute power nap in which time the rain stopped (typique). We woke up and packed our bags (after watching a couple of pigs humping outside our room) but we found ourselves in a dilemma; we could head straight … Continue reading Ranthambore (Part 2)


The journey from Agra to Ranthambore was hairy to say the least, at points the roads were not roads but like dirt tracks and more pot holes than you can imagine. Our new driver Govind seemingly fancied himself as a formula one driver, performing manoeuvres and overtaking anything and everything at speed. We arrived at … Continue reading Ranthambore


After leaving Delhi we set off on a 4 hour drive to Agra on a toll road that was only built in the last few years. With no traffic at all and Hindi tunes blasting through the radio we were soon entering the madness that was Agra, home to the Red Fort and of course … Continue reading Agra


So we successfully made it to India. Woohoo! The 8 hour flight from London to Delhi was relatively pain free, Air India is a pretty decent airline - we had chicken curry for lunch and then dinner (curry) was served too just before landing so suffice to say I was absolutely stuffed by the time … Continue reading Delhi

10 Days To Go!

Okay so the itinerary is finalised and all hotels and hostels have been booked. I've had all the jabs I need so that's it - we're ready to rock and roll. As promised, here's a pic of me and my partner in crime Chantelle being rather civilised: The SUV and driver we have booked for … Continue reading 10 Days To Go!